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Robotics has been around for a long time, making our factories more efficient and recently replacing human labor with machine accuracy and speed. Now, it’s entering our homes in the form of domestic robots of all sorts.

Thing is, as with any other technology during its early steps, there are problems of democratization, value added, and long term purpose. Today, a robot that is basically a tablet on wheels with basic speech recognition, takes photos, and performs some dance moves will easily cost more than what the average household can afford, without providing a clear sense of value added, and not taking into consideration the long term vision of what robots should be like.

At MainBot, our mission is to empower every human being with a robot companion.

What’s your vision of the future?

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Founding Team

Boris Kesler

Boris Kesler


Boris is a serial entrepreneur and a robotics enthusiast. He cofounded Lepiq, the first high-end smart watch, and MainTool, the first smart strap for classical watches.
Antoine Mulin

Antoine Mulin


Antoine is a coding ninja and a firm believer of open source projects. He is an alumni of 42, a top class coding school in Paris funded by French billionaire Xavier Niel.
Javier Alaves

Javier Alaves


Javier is an entrepreneur with a drive for social system decentralization. He is an alumni of FIRST, and co-founder of Pangea, a platform to empower the potential of digital natives.

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