The Robot Companion for Children

What The World Thinks of Winky

« The strangest and most exciting tech I’ve seen this year at CES. »

« One of the best startups for kids. »

« A startup to look out for in the future. »

Technology, first!

Winky loves to express itself any way it can. Be it through sound, colour or movement. In fact, it’s full of all the latest technology that allows it to learn and adapt to you.

Unique metalanguage

Winky interacts with people through emotions depending on the mood around it. Winky will proactively start a conversation instead of reacting to commands.

Plug & play system

Winky can split into separate magnetic components, even its ears! Every part is autonomously powered, so even if you take it apart, it works perfectly fine.

Emotion-based expressions

Winky communicates with you using a custom built pair of LEDs displaying a design language as unique as every Winky, yet familiar to recognize by anyone.

Emotional character engine

Winky lives by and for emotion. If you are happy or sad, or in the mood to play or not, Winky feels you. This helps Winky understand you in an unparalleled way.

Multi-model user recognition

Winky can recognize you by your voice, to make every experience in the hands of each user of the family different. The superstar will always be the child.

Activity recognition

Winky remembers every interaction and keeps it stored internally in its CPU to learn user patterns over time. This helps Winky get to know everyone better.

And just getting started 🚀

AR Coding

Winky will teach children the fundamental concepts of coding through augmented reality games.

Dual Gaming

No longer is the robot just a useless tool in the gaming experience. We have made Winky a crucial part of it.

Winky Lab

Apply your coding learning skills in the lab and hack Winky’s games and default behaviors.

Surrounded in a galactic adventure

Winky comes from a galaxy far far away seeking help on Earth to restore peace in its world.

We are MainBot!

MainBot is building the future of personal assistance robotics

As the proud parents of Winky, MainBot believes the more we can emotionally connect with our technology, the better our relationship will be. Our team is made up of an incredibly diverse and talented group of people. We bring together great talent from AI, Engineering, Robotics, Design and Animation that all breathe life into Winky, as well as external networks specialized in Education and R&D. Together, we want to build things we can truly connect with and understand us. We believe our products must be built around the emotional core, create evolving relationships with the users and produce innovative new ways of interaction with our surroundings.

Bring Winky home.

Winky is ready to land on Earth! With final testing and manufacturing scheduled in Q2-2018
ensuring that you are amongst the very first to experience Winky first hand.

Soon on crowdfunding.

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