We’d like to introduce you to Winky, our modular educational robot companion for children!

 Children will and must be the first ones to benefit from the robot companion revolution. These are our reasons why.

Designed from scratch to be a modular robot

We’ve patented a unique magnetic connector to allow developers and companies build their own modules.

What better than a robot companion to educate children about robotics?

Children, the adults of tomorrow, will be the leading generation in human-robot collaboration. They are the key to the already ongoing revolution.

Not only do we want Winky to represent the first experience for children with robotics. We want Winky to serve as a powerful learning platform.

Just like today everyone needs a basic understanding of the way the human body works, in the future this will be identically important of robotic systems.

A whole new universe awaits you to discover it

 Where does Winky come from? Why is it here? What’s its purpose in the universe? We’re creating a whole new ‘Pixar-like’ universe you’re going to love.

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