Your Vision

Let’s create a shared vision of the future

The future belongs to everyone. Not you, not me, not us, to no-one. We believe that the only way to bring on a new era of prosperity and abundance where robot companions are a commonality amongst all people to augment their potential can only pass through a common vision of the future. We’re all on the same boat stranded in the middle of a vast sea of uncertainty in a world where the only constant is exponential change, and unless we all try to move in one direction, we’re not going to make it to land.

This is why we invite you to share your vision about the future with us. It can be a paragraph, an essay, or a thesis. It can be an idea, or simply an intuition that you have about what has to happen to make our world a better place. We decided to openly share our vision with everyone in the hopes of inspiring others such as yourself to speak out for your beliefs as well.

Send us an email at with your thoughts on the future, and how you believe it could merge or contrast in any way with ours. We accept your words in any language you feel most comfortable expressing yourself. And once we read it, we promise to get back to you with our reflection and even a videocall invite if you’re up for discussion! 

Help us build the future we all want.